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What is Reignmakers?

Reignmakers lives at the intersection of collectibles and fantasy gaming. Build a collection of digital player cards, officially licensed by the NFLPA, PGA TOUR, and UFC, and draft those cards in fantasy contests throughout the year.

Each player card represents an athlete and scores points based on the player’s statistical performance in a given event or game.

Every week of the football season, there are a wide variety of fantasy contests posted in the Reignmakers lobby that cater to participants with both large and small Reignmakers player card collections. Similarly, UFC events will have contests available for drafting your fighter cards, and PGA TOUR events will have contests available with a number of professional golfer cards.

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What can I do with Reignmakers cards?

Each Reignmakers digital player card represents a specific athlete. Reignmakers cards are licensed and have multiple forms of utility.

Reignmakers cards can be:

  • Drafted in FREE weekly fantasy contests
  • Bought & sold at any time on the DraftKings Marketplace
  • Retained over time to build up your Franchise Score & earn rewards

How do I acquire Reignmakers cards?

Participants can acquire cards by taking advantage of DraftKings onboarding offers, joining pack drops, winning them via Reignmakers contests, or purchasing cards on the secondary marketplace, participating in Pack Breaks, and playing Daily Fantasy Contests that award Reignmakers Digital Player Cards and Packs.

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There will also be occasional opportunities to win Reignmakers digital player cards across DraftKings Fantasy Sports, Sportsbook, and casino products.

Is there an entry fee for Reignmakers fantasy contests?

Reignmakers offers both Free (no entry fee required) and Paid (entry fee required) contests. A Single Card Edition may be used in up to 1 free and 1 paid contest providing more opportunities for Single-Card use!


What are card rarity tiers?

Card rarity is an important property for each digital player card. The card’s rarity tier determines:

(1) The scarcity of that card. For example, there are many core cards for each athlete, but only a few Legendary cards.

(2) Which contests you can enter that card in. For example, you need at least 4 rare cards to enter a rare-tier contest. For example, you need at least 4 rare cards to enter a rare-tier contest. You can see how many cards of each rarity are required to enter each contest in the contest lobby under “requirements.”

In the Reignmakers fantasy game, the digital player cards will be from five (5) distinct rarity tiers. In order of least to most scarce, those tiers are:

  • CORE
  • RARE

What are Reignmakers Primary Credits?

Reignmakers Primary Credits are a new currency that players can use to buy Reignmakers drops and bid on auctions. Reignmakers Primary Credits will not be usable for purchases on the secondary market, offers, or paid contest entry.